Dream Gaming Introduction and Games

Dream Gaming is primarily a provider of live casino games. It is under the DG Casino platform and at the same company. Besides that, it is a live casino games studio based in Thailand and with a long list of casino games.

1. Dream Gaming Introduction

Dream Gaming is arguably one of the best online casino software providers in Asia. It understands what users want to see and experience for themselves during gaming. Under the vast experience of DG Casino, it has established a stable online entertainment platform since 2017. Apart from having real-life dealers or croupiers that are experienced and professional, evidently from the streaming of an actual land-based casino. Besides that, it also recruits the most attractive anchors all over Asia. It mainly from countries like Thailand, Taiwan, and Cambodia to thrill, captivate and retain online players. DG Casino has strong dominance in the Chinese market as well as countries as mentioned above. It is also particularly in Thailand where its appointed land-based casino for live streaming caters to more than 90% of Thai visitors yearly.  casinowhat.net

2. Dream Gaming Games Introduction

a. Color disc

DG has developed traditional games that have been popular in Vietnam for a long time. The rules are simple. Besides that, the gameplay is fascinating, the dealers are skilled and have professional skills, and they have opened up new fields!

Dragon Tiger in Dream Gaming

b. Dragon Tiger in Dream Gaming

Dragon Tiger is a simplified version of baccarat. Therefore, it is a highly popular variant around Asian casinos. This live dealer game gives each hand one card. After that, you will bet on which of the two will be higher. The game pays evens for standard bets. Thus, a bet on the cards being the same pays 11 to 1. The live table is decoration with Asian décor and the friendly and attractive dealer keeps things moving at a good pace. You will also find the betting controls to be clear and easy, while the game’s stats are always in view.  casino.zone

c. Niu Niu

Bullfighting is a folk game widely circulated in the country, also known as Hundreds of people. In this game, players can bet on Red Bull or Black Bull to win, as well as special cards of both sides. Niu Niu has various names, such as buffalo pyrite, bull pyrite, Niu Niu poker, or Chinese poker. All of these names are widely known by many people. For those of you who have never played this game before, the best way to understand the rules in this game is to give it a try. 

d. Fried Golden Flower

The fried golden flower (fraud golden flower), also known as winning three cards, is a folk multiplayer card game widely spread throughout the country. Players compare the size of the three cards in their hands and have unique rules for comparing cards. “Fried golden flower” on the surface is a game you can master of his fate – a card is bad, can run. But your good luck often slips from our hands – your card is not good, others’ brand worse than you, but you run away; Your destiny is constantly being master, your good, others are better than your card, you don’t want to run and run.


e. Roulette

Roulette is a classic table game and one of the most popular casino titles in the world. Dream Gaming’s version uses 37 numbers. The game window is easy to understand but looks somewhat outdated. The game’s use of font and presentation of previous bets looks a bit cluttered. The game uses a virtual table. Besides that, it has the dealer sit quietly next to the wheel and spins it every so often. It’s pretty off-putting since she looks bored and rightfully so.

f. Sic Bo

Sic Bo is known as a shakers game. The casino game offers you a sincere historic playing experience. Sic Bo is amazingly well-liked by players in Asia. This is because it offers a wide wagering range as well as better odds of landing a win. It’s played with only 3 bones. The moment players place their wagers on clear parts of the table, the dealer will receive a small container carrying the bones. The dealer will then shake the container. After that, the seller gets to open the container revealing the combination. The combination will display the winner.

g. Fight Bull

Fight Bull is a card game normally portrayed as a Chinese edition of poker. It’s played on live seller tables in various online casinos in Asia. Fight Bull is playable using 6 standard card decks of cards. While playing you’ll be challenging the casino rather than against one another as in some of the games described above. All players will be aiming to win the pot. The pot has all the wagers placed by the players in any one layout. You’ll make a bet hoping to acquire the best hand. Most variants of poker offer the best hand as a top combination of 5 cards.

3. Dream Gaming Business Services

Dream Gaming’s core competency in providing consistent quality assurance also extends to its business partners with strong support that builds lasting trust. Besides that, it has high profitability in maneuvering the best online casino in Asia. Dream Gaming has put together numerous packages intelligently that fit multiple needs and portfolios. It wants to attract and facilitate operators to start effortlessly. With more than a thousand operators throughout Asia, Dream Gaming online casino platform continues to exercise its dominance extensively. Thus, it establishing more presence in unmarked territories as they recruit more operators with unique online live games that promise exclusive red envelopes up for grabs to its members. This unique feature of the red envelope grabbing function at any time during gameplay is marketed exclusively for members of Dream Gaming. Therefore, it will undoubtedly enhance their brand presence through such a unique marketing gesture.

4. Casino Brands You can Play Dream Gaming Games

Asian gamblers looking to enjoy some of the best live dealer games can enjoy Dream Gaming’s many types selection of games at DG casino. The player can enjoy the game because it has a many types selection of games. Although the company has focused on promoting their online casino of the same name in recent years, they have started partnering up with more companies across Asia and around the world. Thus, it can deliver its games to a much wider audience. No matter where gamblers choose to play Dream Gaming’s excellent selection of live dealer games, they can rest assured they can play them on any device they like. Based on the latest HTML 5 technology, Dream Gaming live dealer games are great. Besides that, it also looks even better whether you’re playing on mobile phones, tablet devices, or home computers. Now, gamblers in the Asian market can enjoy their favorite live dealer games on the go. Here is the list below:

a. Maxim88

Maxim88 has been a leading online casino platform since 2006. It was initially created for slots lovers and has evolved over the years. Maxim88 is now an all-rounded online casino that offers a wide range of games. Thus, it includes but is not limited to live casino games, sports betting, fishing, and of course, slots.


b. B9Casino

B9Casino offers a solid platform, starting with a simple sign-up process, generous welcome package, and easy banking methods. The non-licensed online casino offers games in instant play, download, or mobile formats, with 24/7 customer support and easy banking methods.  online-casino.com.sg

c. AceWin8

With its 24/7 coverage of sports and premium casino games from top software vendors, Acewin8 is a leading gambling destination for players based in Southeast Asia. Here, you will find an unbiased Acewin8 Casino review that focuses on the games, software vendor, payment options, and licensing and security. Acewin8 provides its players and punters with a wide range of premium casino games and betting markets. 

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